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July 29, 2014

Lunch begins at noon - Meeting starts at 12:30 p.m.
 Welcome Dale Carson
Criminal Defense Attorney

Crime and shootings have turned Jacksonville into a virtual war zone.  Today's speaker, who will provide insight into the city's current crime wave, has been involved in almost every aspect of the legal system.
Dale Carson, who grew up in Jacksonville, attended the police academy right out of college and served as a police officer in some of Miami's most dangerous areas.  He returned to Jacksonville where he was employed by Seaboard Coastline Railroad as a railroad special agent before being appointed to the FBI as a special agent where he was special agent in charge of the St. Thomas USVI office, as well as working in Atlanta and Jacksonville. As an agent, Dale trained with the Navy Seals in Quantico, VA, in preparation for hostage rescue and terrorist takeovers, cross-trained with the DEA, and was assigned to the FBI SWAT team in Atlanta. 
Dale retired from the FBI and was operating a private investigative agency here in Jacksonville when he decided to attend law school.  Dale became a member of the Florida Bar in 2001 and opened Dale Carson Law, where he and three associates practice mainly criminal defense and personal injury. 
He has become Northeast Florida’s crime expert with his past experience, his authorship of the book “Arrest-Proof Yourself”, and his appearances on nightly newscasts as Law and Safety Expert for the local CBS and Fox affiliates where he provides commentary on current legal events and issues. He spent hours on the air during the recent Dunn trial offering analysis of the case, the evidence, legal procedures and what the jury was facing.

Carson comes from a crime fighting family. His father was also an FBI agent and then Sheriff of Jacksonville. 

Minutarian Update, Week 4

To quote the late playwright, George Bernard Shaw: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has actually taken place.”
That said, in regard to the District 6970 Weekly Minute, I am planning to make every 4th issue a recap of the notices and events from the immediate three previous issues. In doing so I hope that we can avoid the single biggest problem in communication – the illusion that it’s actually taken place.

Recapping Week 1:  On July 1st we extended a warm welcome to our new Rotary International Director, Robert Hall from the Rotary Club of Dunwoody in Georgia, who represents Zones 33 and 34. He succeeded Rotary International Director Anne Matthews, the first woman to serve as the Vice President of Rotary International. As you may recall, our District 6970 is one of eight Rotary Districts in Florida. When our eight Florida districts are combined with the three districts in Georgia and the three districts in the Caribbean, collectively they make up Zone 34.

Recapping Week 2:  Are you ready for some football? Let’s hope so because it’s game on! Our partnership with the Jacksonville Jaguars is set and it’s time for all clubs to get busy selling tickets to raise money for their projects and to help support our Foundation. Webmaster Howard Kelley has done an amazing job of making this program simple and online. All you have to do is go to our District’s website to get started. Huddle-up with your club’s Rotary-Jaguar team captain and start moving us toward the goal line.

Recapping Week 3:  What’s the best way to really Light Up Rotary? Start planning now for your club’s Rotary Days event – a signature initiative from Rotary International President Gary C.K. Huang. There is a brochure available to help you plan the perfect Rotary Day. It’s an opportunity to share our passion for service and fellowship with people, businesses and other associations in the community around us. Several clubs are already in gear for their Rotary Days events. Our District is planning a big “Rotary Week” event starting October 20 and culminating October 26 at EverBank Field for the Rotary Jaguar game day.

Upcoming Events:
On Saturday, August 2nd, it’s the annual Rotary Youth Exchange Welcome Home Dinner which takes place at Riverside Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville. All Rotarians are invited.
On Saturday, August 16th, it’s our District’s Light Up Rotary Seminar at the Thrasher-Horne Conference Center in Orange Park. Rotary International Director Robert Hall will be our keynote speaker at lunch that day.
On Saturday, October 11th, the Rotary Leadership Institute will hold its first sessions for the year at the Orange Park Campus of St. Johns River State College.

Details and sign-up for all events can be found on our District’s website,, under the events section on the home page.

Yours in service to Rotary,


Board News
The following candidate has been approved by the Board for your consideration into membership:  Christy Jones, sponsor is PP Dick Morales and her classification is Law-Taxation.  Anyone having an objection, please notify the Board in writing withing ten (10) days.

Pictures of New Members Induction
We were pleased to welcome four new members this week:  James Shefelbine, Jill Moore, Ian Davies and Joe Durkin.  They will be "earning" their blue badge for the next few weeks as they meet and greet at the door!

One of our Newest Members - Ian Davies
Ian Davies founded Skiltrek Staffing & Solutions in 2004.  He oversees the operations of the firm with a presence in Washington, DC, Miami and Jacksonville.  Skiltrek has implemented IT Service Management systems for Fortune 500 companies and the Federal Government and more recently, has added a staffing arm specializing in IT, Engineering and Finance Resources. Prior to forming Skiltrek, Ian was a consultant in the IT Service Management and IT Asset Management arena for HP & Peregrine Systems, implementing systems for large companies such as GE, AT&T and the Dept of Treasury.
Ian first settled in Albany, NY in 2001 to seek new opportunities and more challenging work, but found North Florida to be a more ideal climate for an Australian.  Prior to moving to the US, Ian worked on the foreign exchange and bullion desks at Macquarie Bank for 4 years.
Ian is from a family of 7 and lives with his girlfriend, Paula, who is an anesthesia nurse (CRNA).  He moved to Jacksonville Beach in 2004 and loves fishing, watching rugby union, playing tennis and oh yeah, he DOESN'T drink Fosters!!!

Flag Exchange with Visiting Rotarian 
Capt Chris Henney from Gulf Breeze, Fl.