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Welcome Dr. Quincy Gibson, Assistant Professor UNF

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lunch at 12:00pm - Meeting at 12:30pm

 Meet Dr. Quincy Gibson
Assistant Professor, UNF

Dr. Quincy Gibson received her Bachelors of Science degrees in both biology and psychology from the University of Maryland and her Doctorate in biology from Georgetown University.  Her dissertation research was focused on the social development of wild bottlenose dolphin calves in Shark Bay, Australia.  After graduating, Quincy moved to Maui to take on the position of Research Director for Pacific Whale Foundation.  In this role, she led research programs on humpback whales in Hawaii, Australia and Ecuador for over two years.  She then had the opportunity to spend a summer in Belize teaching a college study abroad course on dolphins, which inspired her to return to academia. In December 2010, Quincy joined UNF’s Coastal Biology Flagship Program as a visiting research scientist and established the university’s dolphin research program.  She was then offered a tenure-track Assistant Professor position and officially joined UNF’s biology faculty in December 2012.
Mark Your Calendar
  •  August 12 - Senator Marco Rubio will speak to the Downtown Club-make a reservation with Patti.  Cost is $26
  • August 17 - District Foundation/Membership Seminar in Orange Park
  • August 22 - Sulzbacher Project
  • August 27 - Blood Mobile

News From The Board

Lauren Hopkins will be on a maternity leave of absence through Sept 30. 
Bob Massey will be on a leave of absence through Dec. 31.
Resignations were accepted with regret from Holly Karstonis, Dale Mally, Juan Miguel Gutierrez and Doug Johnson.
Mary Alice Phelan and PP Bobby Purser have changed their status to Excused Active. 
The Board approved the club's working budget of just over $100,000 for the year. 

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