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December 10, 2013

Welcome Lawrence M. Hills, Jr., Program Manager Duval County Teen & Truancy Court

Lunch begins at noon - The meeting begins at 12:30 p.m.

Meet Lawrence M. Hills Jr.
Program Manager Duval County Teen & Truancy Court

Lawrence is the current Director of Duval County Teen & Truancy Court programs within the Office of Court Administration, Fourth Judicial Circuit, FL.  Current responsibilities include managing court personnel and 40 + volunteers from the legal community.  He is also responsible for developing a curriculum and guidelines for Duval County’s Neighborhood Accountability Boards (NAB) process.  

Prior to being assigned to the Office of Court Administration, Lawrence worked for ten years at the State Attorney’s Office, Fourth Judicial Circuit where he served as Referral Reduction Coordinator in association with the State Attorney’s Juvenile Diversion Programs.  In that capacity, he expanded the Civil Citation process in Duval County and developed Civil Citation procedures in Clay and Nassau counties.  Notable accomplishments include directing the first Florida Department of Juvenile Justice’s assignment center in 1998.  This privatized juvenile correctional facility was charged with assessing committed youth for appropriateness of commitment classification.  

Mr. Hills is also an Air Force veteran who served in several capacities to include mental health counselor, substance abuse counselor and Equal Opportunity and Treatment monitor.  He holds a Masters of Science Degree in Human Resource Management with an emphasis on Public Administration.

Teen Court is based on the philosophy that a youthful law violator is less likely to continue to offend when a peer jury decides the punishment. Teen Court attempts to interrupt developing patterns of criminal behavior by promoting feelings of self esteem and healthy attitudes toward authority. The program places a high priority on educating teens about citizenship and accepting responsibility for their actions. In some cases juvenile participants are given stern consequences for those actions.
In January of 2009, the Duval County Teen Court program was transferred from the State Attorney's Office, 4th Circuit to the Office of the Court Administrator, 4th Judicial Circuit. Teen Court accepts arrest and Civil Citation cases from the State Attorneys Office. Truancy Teen Court accepts referrals from the Duval County School District.

Thanksgiving Greetings
Anna Zimmermann

Dear host families, dear Vicki-lynne, dear Rotary Club of South Jacksonville
Wow! I can't believe it's been over 4 months since I left Florida! My Exchange is so far away for me, like a dream, but I can still remember so many details as if I only left yesterday. I did a good job with keeping myself busy, so I didn't really experience reverse culture shock but during my fall break, when I didn't have anything to do, I really missed Florida a lot! I know I'm pretty bad in keeping contact but I want to write you a little repot every now and then, cause there is a lot to tell you! 

This summer I did a lot of hiking and did many other typical Swiss things and especially during the first two weeks I took pictures of everything, because I wanted to show you everything! I can't wait until one of y'all is coming over and I can show you around because during this exchange I realized how lucky I am to live in such a prosperous, organized and beautiful country like Switzerland and I'm sure you would love it too :)

Going back to my family and friends was so crazy! I think I've never been so nervous and excited in my life, even more than when I came to Florida. It was a partly cloudy day and when we approached Zürich airport, I could see the Alps, that was great! First thing I noticed when I left the airplane was the smell, it smelled like home. I got my luggage and I was one room away from my family and friends I was a wreck but holding them again after a year was amazing! So many people came with flags and posters and cowbells and then my family invited everyone to a garden party at my mom's house. I had pretty much no jet lag, so I started working two days later. I went hiking for a week with my grandparents and I went to France with my dad and my sisters. And then, on August 12th school started again. It was really nice to see all the people in school again, but I have a lot to catch up. I also have to decide, what I wanna study. I also help my dad to plan our family vacation next summer. Originally my sisters, my dad, my uncle and me wanted to go to Samoa again for four weeks, but since we have to fly around the whole world anyways, we thought we could stay in some cities where we have to change planes anyway so we will spend 2 nights in Shanghai, 5 nights in Auckland 18 nights in Samoa and 5 nights in New York. I'm so excited and I wish I could take one or two years off before I start studying and backpack through Asia, but if I wanna study music, I have to keep it up... 

Other than that I was busy doing all the things you gotta do as an 18 year old person: register for taxes, register as organ donor, go to the bank, the doctor, the dentist, register as blood stem cell donor, register in my village,... I'm also a member of the club young of the Opera Zürich, that means I get last minute tickets for 15 CHF which is really awesome! I saw Don Giovanni and I sat in the third row! 

School really starts to annoy me, I'm ready to do something else. But I only have one a half years left so that should be doable. I'm visiting different Universities now and my favourite school as now is ZHdK (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste) in Zurich. The teachers are awesome, the courses are very diverse and the city is just stunning. I wish you could see Zurich around Christmas. In the main train station hall is a christmas market where you can buy crafts and all kinds of christmas presents and bakeries. In the middle of the market is the "Swarovski tree" Which is a huge Chrismas tree which is decorated with thousands of Swarovski crystals. Over the main shopping street they hung up the christmas lights called "Lucy" which are numerous little LED lights which look like stars. And the historic part of the city is also stunning! The streets are so narrow, no cars can drive there and there are cute restaurants and stores or bakeries. Zurich is definitely the city I want to live in. 

I also started to work at Mc Donalds ;) I work seven hours a week so I earn a good amount of money, since we get about three times as much as you do in America. 

Two weeks ago I had my presentation in my rotary club and it was so nice to look at all the pictures again. Epecially right now, at thanksgiving, I miss Florida and you and DA. Unfortunately I'm sick right now, I have an angina and can't even eat solids, so enjoy your thanksgiving dinner for me :) 

Thank you again for this amazing year in Florida and I wish you an amazing Christmastime and I hope, I see you soon!


Board News
 The Board of Directors has approved Will Torres for your consideration into membership.  Will's classification is Political-Leadership Liaison.  His sponsor is Rick Morales.  Anyone having an objection, please submit it in writing to the Board within ten (10) days.

Minutarian Update, Week 23
December is Family Month on the Rotary Calendar. Bring together mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other members of your family to learn more about our great organization. Include them in your projects and holiday get togethers. It’s a wonderful time of year to celebrate Rotary's commitment to family! 

Fantasy of Lights
Looking for a family evening in the Flagler area, visit Fantasy of Lights in Palm Coast’s Town Center. The lights were turned on the 1st, and they will brighten the night sky all month long. This is an annual fund raising event of the Rotary Club of Flagler County.

One last reminder that December 15th is Rotary Day with the Jaguars. The Buffalo Bills will be in town and you can buy your tickets from the District website. We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary working with the JAGS. Let’s show them we value their commitment to us!

Suite Jaguar
Want to view the game from the owner’s box? Shahid Khan and the JAGS have provided us two seats for auction. Proceeds will go to polio eradication. Contact Cynde Covington, if you would like to bid!

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