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Speech Scholarship Event

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lunch begins at noon - Meeting begins at 12:30 p.m.

Speech Scholarship Event 
Judged by Rotary Members 

In what could become a signature event for South Jacksonville Rotary, the Chapter will host Bolles, Bishop Kenny, Episcopal, Wolfson, Douglas Anderson and Stanton High Schools in a Speech Competition.

The topic of the 5-minute speeches is this year’s Rotary International theme, Peace Through Service. Rotary members attending will be the judges.

The Chapter has made a significant monetary commitment with scholarship prizes include a $2,000 college scholarship for the winning student, $1,000 for the runner-up and $500 for each of the other school student representatives.
Beginning last October, the 6 schools have conducted intramural competitions to confirm their one student representative for the event.
Some of the reasons for Rotary’s interest in this speech competition include:
1)    Communication with area high schools regarding the civic mission of Rotary;
2)    Supporting the efforts of school teachers and administrators who strive to instill 

        the importance of civic responsibility among students;
3)    Encouraging students to become good and effective citizens through organizing 

        thoughts and speaking of them publicly; and
4)    Rewarding scholarships to students who are serious about education and will   

        enroll in college to further their ability to be productive citizens

Each school will have a table with faculty and parents attending this event.  Rotary members look forward to welcoming them before the event begins.  If you are an alumni of any of these schools we would appreciate it if you made yourself known to the Rotary members and greet your school representatives.  Please, sit with them if there is room at their table.  If you are interested in sitting with your school, email Doug Matthews,

 Great News!!
Upcoming Event
The Rotary Club of South Jacksonville is presenting a night at the Alhambra featuring the play “Driving Miss Daisy”.  Proceeds will benefit the Episcopal Children’s Services “Generations Start” Project.   March  6, 2013 at The Alhambra Dinner theater, 12000 Beach Boulevard.

Our club has committed to buying the entire show for the evening and we will have exclusive use of the venue.  Reception will begin at 5:30 PM with the bar being on the main floor.   Dinner service will be 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM.  Show begins at 8:00 PM.

Each club member is responsible for the sale of 4 tickets at $75.00 each for a total of $300.00.  Your account will be billed automatically February 6.  *Sale or purchase of a sponsorship at any of the levels below satisfies your ticket responsibility.

There are sponsorship opportunities at the following premium levels:  (See promotional sheet at the sign-in desk for the complete benefits of each sponsorship level.)
Title Deed Package          $7,500
Limo Package                     $5,000
Driver’s Package               $2,500
Passenger’s Package       $1,000  

From the Board
The following candidate has been approved by the Board for your consideration into membership of the Club:  Travis Peters, sponsor is Joe Miller; classification is Printing & Publishing - Banners & Signs.  Anyone having an objection, please submit it in writing to the Board within ten (10) days.

Recap of the January 22nd Meeting
Greeters:  Chris Bouton
The Prayer & Pledge:  Jane Upton
Family of Rotary Update:  Mary Alice Phelan
Planning Committee Update: PP Gary Wilkinson
  Presentment of Shelby, NC Rotary Club Banner:  PE Harlan Bost
RLI Update:  P Jim Lanahan
Club Fund Raiser Update:  P Jim Lanahan 
Speech Competition Update: Doug Matthews
A "Thank You" to the Club for Sea Camp Trip:  Anna Zimmermann
Introduction of Visitors & Guests:  Doug Matthews
    Introduction of Meeting Theme & SpeakerWayne Young
Guest Speaker: Paul McElroy 
Paul McElroy, JEA CEO, spoke to the South Jacksonville Rotary Club.  He shared a little about JEA's history, performance as compared to other municipal utilities and current focus on customer satisfaction.