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Welcome Dr. David Murray, Jaguar Team Physician

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lunch served at noon - Meeting begins at 12:30 p.m.

David Murray, M.D.
So You Want to be a Team Doctor

Raised in West Virginia, Dr. David T. Murray, MD, received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Yale University before returning to complete his medical degree at the West Virginia University School of Medicine in 1973. Dr. Murray moved to Florida in 1974, where he completed his Internal Medicine Residency at the University Hospital of Jacksonville, and a Fellowship in Hematology/Oncology at the Baptist Medical Center.

Dr. Murray has a broad clinical practice experience: he initially practiced Emergency Medicine in Georgia, Texas, and Tennessee, and later headed a large private Internal Medicine practice in Jacksonville. He has been instrumental in the formation of numerous Hospitalist programs in the area, and has served as medical director of several senior living centers. Since 1993, Dr. Murray has been a member of Emergency Resources Group, based in Jacksonville, and has served on their Board of Directors since 1997. He has also served as the Medical Chief of Staff at Baptist Medical Center.

Long interested in sports, Dr. Murray was the team physician for the Jacksonville Tea Men Football Club, North American Soccer League, back in the 1980’s, and later for the Jacksonville Bulls Football Club, United States Football League. From 1994, he has served as the Chief Medical Officer for Jacksonville Jaguars, our National Football League team.

David is married to Cynthia I. Murray, JD, and has two wonderful, and successfully launched, children David, and Lida.

Greetings from India

Hi guys......I'm still abusing my stomach here in India, but it ends tomorrow with a flight to Dubai for a two night, one day stay to see the sights on the way home.  Be home Tuesday night and I am looking forward to a hamburger and sleeping in my own bed!

We've spent the past two days in Varanasi.  This Hindu holy city has been teeming with pilgrims, tourists, etc. from all over the world........literally thousands of people, an incredible show.  Even an assortment of Naked Holy Men!  Now that is really a sight and has to be seen to be believed.  This place is sensory overload to the nth degree and my brain is just about numb.  But what an experience.  For a quick overview of Varanasi, check it out via Google.

From your emails, it appears all is well with the RC of South Jax.....great work.  Sorry I won't be back for Tuesday's meeting but I'll see you the following week. 

If I can put photos and a story together in a coherent fashion, I'd be happy to relate the India NID story for a few minutes in the future.  It was a great experience and the end of polio in India truly is at hand.  The other three countries are not far behind and I believe we'll see polio go the same way as smallpox before long.  Warner and Sherrie Webb should be home by now and I'm sure Warner would like to add his thoughts......they were a great addition to the 27 member team.

Enough for now.  See you soon for a meal with no hot peppers!


Pres Jim Plays Hooky!!

PP Jerry wanted to be sure you got this photo of President Jim enjoying himself way too much on the annual Hanks-Kidd-Lanahan spring training outing March 12-13, for which he was absent from Tuesday's meeting.  This was taken at the Anna Maria Oyster Bar in Bradenton on the evening of March 12.  The spiny creature on the plate is a crab-stuffed lobster!

Recap of the March 12th Meeting
Greeters:  Rick Hartley, Cheryl Robitzsch & Robyn Watson
The Pledge & Prayer:  Jason Burnett
Craft Talk:  Robyn Watson 
Membership Update:  PP Lee Mercier 
New Member Charge:  PP Joe Ripley
New Members:  Mike Manuele & Sandi Christiansen
Rotaract Week Update:  Bob Massey, Jr.
Rotaract of Jacksonville Update: P Kathy Phillips & PE Brett Bell 
Literacy Mentoring Easter Basket Update:  Richard Dow
Project Survey Update:   PP Gary Wilkinson
Welcome Greetings for Visitors & Guests:  Martha Bogdan 
    Introduction of Guest Speaker:  Doug Johnson
Guest Speaker:  Dr. Carlos Vargas