Calendar of Events

November 26, 2013


Membership Update
What a Connected Group!  If you look at the boards at the entrance to the weekly Rotary Luncheon, you may have noticed that about half of the Companies /Organizations have someone's initials or name next to it. This means that one of our fellow Rotarians knows someone at that company who may be a good Rotary candidate.  It is impressive to us that our members are so connected with the broader community that we have possible Rotary candidates at about half of the company names on the board.

As you arrive for lunch each week, please focus your attention on those Companies where we have not yet identified a potential Rotary Candidate. We would love to see a Rotarian's initials next to EVERY COMPANY /ORGANIZATION on the board. Now that would really be a feat! Please give it some thought and fill in the blanks.

Christine Goldsmith. Co-Chair, Membership Committee
Neil McGuinness, Co – Chair, Membership Committee

Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Please sign-up to participate in our annual Salvation Army Bell Ringing event November 27th.  We need to have 3 or 4 people at each time slot.  To volunteer contact Casey Martin at or call him at (904) 273-5379

Family of Rotary
 Ron, Brycen and Kim Patrick are happy to introduce Matthew and Reid Patrick.
Reid and Matthew Patrick
Matthew Ryan Patrick (5 lbs 9 oz) and Reid Alexander Patrick (5 lbs 12 oz) are identical twins and arrived on November 1st. Born at 34 weeks, both were in the NICU for a brief stay and are now home and doing wonderfully.

A note from Ron and Kim - As some are aware, in August we rushed to Miami to be informed both boys were classified at Stage 3 of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. At the time of the operation, we learned Matthew was on the verge of cardiac arrest and, without medical intervention, Reid would have likely passed away shortly thereafter. Thanks to a brilliant fetal surgeon, lots of bed rest and more overnight hospital stays then you can count on one hand, our TTTS survivors are true miracles. We couldn’t be more thankful to have been given the opportunity to add them to our family.
 Minutarian Update, Week 21

Message from DG Art:
Like all great organizations, Rotary is always training and coaching up our next great group of leaders. Congratulations to District Governor Elect Percy for completing the first phase of Club Presidents Elect training.

To our Veterans, thank you for your service! We thank you not just on Veterans Day, but each and every day.

Many of you will be canceling your meetings next week, due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. We will be giving thanks for many things: families, friends, health, our wonderful country, prosperity, and yes Rotary. Please accept my personal thanks for everything you do. Most of us in Rotary are blessed with a great deal, and we choose to share some of our treasure, our time and our talents with others. For us, Rotary is our service vehicle of choice. A number of clubs and club members will be donating food, spending time serving food at shelters, delivering meals to those home bound and in need, and countless other projects of sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!

December 15th is the Jacksonville Jaguars / Rotary Game Day. 
We are excited about celebrating our ten year anniversary with the Jaguar/Rotary relationship. The Jaguars are going to be making a special announcement game day about all the money this partnership has raised. The Jaguars are committed to making this a win/win relationship for Rotary and the Team.

We need to do our part to keep this relationship going and that means selling tickets. Remember our club gets $15.00 of every ticket purchased through our District Website.

The Jaguars were the first to agree to an arrangement like this with Rotary and got the NFL to approve the sale of tickets to their games allowing us to keep $15.00 of each ticket.  At the time, this had never been done; we need to continue to sell tickets so that we can maintain this unique relationship.  We have raised well over $100,000 while enjoying fellowship at the football games. 

A Suite Jaguar Invitation / Auction  
Owner Shad Khan has given us two seats in the owner's suite to auction off for the December 15th Jaguar/Rotary Game Day! 

Have the football experience of a lifetime when you and a guest receive tickets for a Jaguars home game experience in the Owners' Suite at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium December 15th, 2014.  Your invitation includes two owners suite tickets, VIP parking pass and two pre-game field passes.  All guests must be 18 years or older. This unique experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that any football fan is sure to love! Surprise a loved one or splurge on yourself. All proceeds will be sent to The Rotary Foundation for the End Polio Campaign in the name of the winning bidder; your contribution will also count towards Paul Harris Fellowships. The Silent Auction begins NOW and ends Midnight, December 6th. Send your bid to , the winning bidder will be contacted on December 7th.