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Welcome Angela B. Corey

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lunch begins at noon - Meeting begins at 12:30 p.m.

Meet Angela B. Corey
State Attorney, Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida

Angela Corey is a native of Jacksonville and a second generation Floridian.  Corey 
received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Florida State University in
1976, and her Juris Doctor from the University of Florida, College of Law in 1979. 
Corey is a 30 year veteran prosecutor and began her career in 1981 under State 
Attorney Ed Austin.  During her 25 year tenure in the Fourth Judicial Circuit, 
Corey tried hundreds of cases including more than 50 homicides.  In 2007, Corey 
joined the 7th Judicial Circuit for a two year stint as an Assistant State Attorney in 
the homicide investigative unit.  In November of 2008, she was elected to serve as
the State Attorney of the 4th Judicial Circuit of Florida. 

In addition to her distinguished career trial work, Corey has devoted an equal amount 
of time to training police and prosecutors on local, state and national levels. Since
1982, Corey has taught classes for the Police Academy at Florida State College
at Jacksonville. She has served as Training Director for the State Attorney’s Office as 
well as lectured extensively on a variety of topics for the Florida Prosecuting Attorney’s 
Association. In addition to commitment to training for prosecutors, Corey has also served 
as an Adjunct Professor at the Florida Coastal School of Law. Corey has further displayed 
her commitment to continuous learning by achieving Board Certification in Criminal Trial 
Corey is involved in many community and civic activities. She is an active member of 
the Republican Party of Duval County and the Republican Women’s Club of Duval 
Federated.  Corey has served on the Board of Directors of the Fellowship of Christian 
Athletes and the Criminal Justice Advisory Board for Florida State College at 
Jacksonville.   She served on the Transition Teams for both Governor Rick Scott and 
Attorney General Pam Bondi.  Corey currently serves on the Board of Trustees at 
Episcopal High School of Jacksonville.  Corey is very active in her church, St. Johns 
Episcopal Cathedral, having served on the Vestry from 1987 to 1989.  For the past
years, she has participated almost every Sunday in Children’s Chapel, where she loves 
to help teach the children from ages five to ten.
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