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Holiday Greetings

Christmas 2012 & New Year's Day 2013

There Is No Meeting
December 25, 2012
January 1, 2013

2012 Holiday Meeting

The South Jacksonville Rotary Club held the holiday meeting on December 18, 2012.  Many members brought family and friends to share in the festivities.
President Jim Lanahan & Dean Hinson

President Jim Lanahan called the meeting to order.  Mary Goldsmith lead the club with Pledge of Allegiance and opening prayer.  Patrick Victor introduced visitors and guests.  Among the many visitors and guests was Dean Hinson of the Salvation Army.  Dean gave an update on the donations that were made during the club's "Bell Ringing" event on November 21, 2012.  We collected nearly $700 during our service day.

Past President Ted Johnson introduced the guest speaker, Father Nicholas Lou.  Father Lou is the Pastor of St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church in Jacksonville, Florida.  Past President Ted Johnson is a member of Father Lou's church.  Past President Ted shared with the club his respect and appreciation for Father Lou as a Spiritual Leader and Father.  
Father Nicholas Lou
Father Lou began with remembering the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  He used science and biology to illustrate how alike but yet how different we all are.  He encouraged us to make and difference with kindness and he challenged each of us to be a miracle worker.
Also Past President Mike Darragh coordinated and lead a special musical event for the holiday meeting.  Several Christmas carols were performed.  The entertainers for the event were Anna Zimmermann, Darron Mitchell, Dayna Osan, Palmer Booth and Past President Mike Darragh.  

Anna Zimmermann was the vocalist.  She attends Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and is South Jacksonville Rotary Club's 2012 - 2013 Inbound Rotary Youth Exchange Student.  

PP Mike, Darron, Dayna, Palmer & Anna
Darron Mitchell played the drums.  He is a student at First Coast and Past President Mike is his mentor.  

Dayna Osan played the violin.  She is a student at the University of North Florida and she is President Jim Lanahan's violin teacher.  

Palmer Booth was on the keyboard.  He is a student at Georgia Tech and he is Ed Booth's son.  

Past President Mike played the keyboard, trumpet and flugel horn. 

Merry Christmas & Happy Yew Year!

Additional Photographs From the Holiday Meeting

Welcome Father Nicholas Louh

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Friends and Family Members Welcome To Join Our Holiday Luncheon
Lunch begins at noon - Meeting begins at 12:30 p.m.
Meet Father Nicholas Louh
Topic: "Seeing Others Through Eyes of Love"

Father Nicholas Louh will speak to the The South Jacksonville Rotary Club during the Christmas meeting.  Father Louh is the Pastor of Saint John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church in Jacksonville Florida.  He is a Jacksonville native.  He received a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of North Florida.  He received a Master of Divinity and a Master of Theology from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Boston, Massachusetts.  His Doctorate of Ministry was completed at Gordon Conwell Theological School in Boston, Massachusetts.

Reminder there is NO meeting on 
December 25th or January 1st
Happy Holidays!

Save The Date
Mark you calendars now for March 6th to see "Driving Miss Daisy" at the Alhambra Dinner Theatre.  Sponsorship opportunities and charity recipients to be named soon. Tickets on sale now and will make great Christmas presents.  See Patti to sign up.

 Salvation Army Opportunity
Take advantage of the opportunity to make a contribution to the Salvation Army during the Christmas luncheon, December 18th!

 Club Update
Congratulations to our newly elected club leadership!

Club Officers 2013-2014:
President - Harlan Bost
President-Elect - Bill Jaycox
Vice President - Neil McGuinness
Secretary - Jane Upton
Treasurer - Rick Morales
Sergeant-at-Arms - David Bissell

New Board Members-Term Expires June 30, 2015:
Barry Covington
Bea Fore
Christine Goldsmith
Bob Massey
Dale Malloy
Connie Stophel
Dan Robie

Recap of the November 27th Meeting
Greeter:  Dinkins Grange
The Prayer & Pledge:  PP Lee Mercier
Introduction of Visitors & Guests:  PP Dean Scott
  Membership Drive Update:  Lauren Hopkins
  Introduction of Meeting Theme & Speakers:  Terry Pasket
Guest Speaker: David Brown

David Brown, Chairman, President and CEO of Web.Com spoke to the South Jacksonville Rotary Club about the fast pace change and development in the web, internet, social media, mobile applications, etc.  He shared his experiences and gave some key tips for developing a web site.

Meet David L Brown

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lunch begins at noon - Meeting begins at 12:30 p.m.

David L. Brown, Chairman, President & CEO Web.Com

David L. Brown is the chairman, chief executive officer and president of, a publicly-traded (Nasdaq: WWWW) company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida that is a leading provider of internet services and online marketing solutions for small businesses. David founded the predecessor company, Atlantic Teleservices, in 1997 and served as its chief executive officer from 1997 until its acquisition by current Company in 1999. 

David returned to lead the Company, then known as Website Pros, in August 2000, and has served as chief executive officer since then.  He has been a director of the Company—which took the name in 2008 following an acquisition—since August 1999.

Prior to founding the original Atlantic Teleservices, David spent more than two decades in banking and finance. He served in senior leadership positions at the Jacksonville, FL headquarters of both Barnett Banks and Florida National Bank in the 1980’s, and went on to become an Executive Vice President at Riggs National Bank in Washington, DC where he had responsibility for Retail Banking, Operations and Technology. He then became one of the Founding Partners at Carlyle International, a private equity firm affiliated with The Carlyle Group, which ultimately integrated Carlyle International into The Carlyle Group. David then co-founded Atlantic Partners, a private equity firm with investments in numerous companies and real estate, including his firm Atlantic Teleservices.

A native of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, David holds a B.A. degree from Harvard University.

A special Note of Thanks!

Leandra Dopazo donated her expertise, time and that of her staff to taking care of our exchange student, Anna Zimmerman recently.  Anna had some problems with her retainer and Dr. Dopazo was kind enough to handle the entire matter start to finish!
For that, we are grateful.  

From The Board

The following candidate has been approved for your consideration into membership:  William Langley, sponsored by PP Mike Darragh and presented under the classification of Health Services-Medical Transcriptions.  Anyone having an objection, please submit it in writing to the Board within ten (10) days.

Mark you calendars now for March 6th to see "Driving Miss Daisy" at the Alhambra Dinner Theatre.  Sponsorship opportunities and charity recipients to be named soon. Tickets on sale now and will make great Christmas presents.  See Patti to sign up.

Rotary In Action

We are very excited to announce the dates for the Rotary Zone 34 / District 6970 National Immunization Day (NID) Trip to India - February 21st through March 2nd, 2013.
This means that participants will travel to India February 20th – 21st, with the goal of arriving on February 21st. Hotel accommodations begin the night of February 21st.  Official NID trip activities begin at 9 am on February 22nd. Participants should plan to leave India the evening of March 2nd into the early am hours of March 3rd. Hotel accommodations end the morning of March 2nd, although extra nights can be arranged at group rates.  Official NID trip activities end on March 2nd at p.m.
Participants should plan to spend the entire time between 9 am February 22nd and 12 pm on March 2nd with the group.
Our Indian hosts have opened their hearts and homes to receive us by helping to create a unique and special NID experience. You will be participating in many Rotary and NID events and all participants will be expected to attend all official programs, including the National Immunization Day activities and club visits.
With 30 participants joining us from around the world, accommodating
individual itineraries is unfortunately not possible.
Don't miss YOUR chance to truly make a difference, first hand, in the lives of children around the world!

Recap of the December 4th Meeting

Greeter:  Doug McCullough

The Prayer & Pledge:  Tom Ranney, Jr

Christmas Program Update:  David Bissell 

Introduction of Visitors & Guests:  Pepe Hill
  Introduction of Meeting Theme & Speakers:  David Bissell

Guest Speaker:  Mike Templeton

Vice President of Operations at Renessenz, LLC 

Mike spoke to us about his firm's manufacturing plants in Jacksonville and Colonels Island, Georgia.  With over 100 years of experience in manufacturing and innovation, Renessenz, LLC is a leading producer of Terpene based aroma, flavor and other specialty chemicals that are derived from naturally occurring renewable and sustainable feedstocks.