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March 11, 2014

Welcome Rotaract of Florida's First Coast

Lunch opens at 12:00pm (noon) - Meeting begins at 12:30pm

In recognition of World Rotaract Week, our Rotary club invited our Rotaractors to join us for lunch.  Rotaract President Brett Bell and others will make a presentation of this year's past and future activities.   

Of course, we are proud of our Rotaractors year-round, but this is the week to honor them with your attendance.  This meeting is also an excellent time to invite your prospects, ages 22 to 32, to learn what our Rotaract club has to offer: 
  • Opportunities to serve our community.
  • Social and business networking.
  • Great speakers.
  • Connection to the international community of Rotary.
The Rotaractors' excitement and energy are a good way!!  Come see for yourself!!

Members of Rotaract of Florida's First Coast

Minutarian Update,  Week 36

March is Literacy Month in the Rotary World. For clubs in 6970, many of you make every month, Literacy Month. It starts with dictionaries to elementary schools, but it’s so much more. Club members mentor elementary age kids, middle school, high school, and even our young adults in university based Rotaract Clubs. Your mentoring, gifts of books, time, and often funds, helps ready these students for life after school. 

DGE Percy Rosenbloom, Trainer Mike Darragh, thirteen Assistant Governors and a cadre of volunteers, along with your club President Elects, head to PETS for this coming weekend. Please wish them the best, and thank the many volunteers that help make PETS a success.

This week's fundraisers included a basketball game with the Fernandina Club, and a Wine and Food tasting gala with Amelia Island Sunrise. They were in a word, fantastic, and I share all these great events with all clubs, in hopes that an idea pops for those of you that struggle with fundraising. Put the FUN in fundraising, and you can make it happen.

This is the last announcement and last chance to apply for the Rotary Public Image Award! They are due now! District website, awards tab! 

Have a Great Week, and thanks for all you do! 

Engage Rotary, Change Lives 
District Governor Art