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“Importance of the Theodore Roosevelt Preserve to Jacksonville”

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Lunch begins at Noon - Meeting begins at 12:30 pm

Bill Goodyear grew up in Jacksonville, attended duPont High School and Jacksonville Junior College before entering the Air Force Academy, where he was a member of the second class to graduate in 1960.   

He served in the Air Force for 24 years, retiring as a colonel.  He flew B-52s in Vietnam and later served as aide-de-camp to the Commander of Seventh Air Force in Saigon. 

After his service in the Air Force, Bill was employed by Northrop Grumman as the director of business development for the B-2 Stealth Bomber program.  It was in this capacity that he spoke to the Southside Rotary in October of 1996 before a B-2 was named the “Spirit of Florida.”

During high school he often visited St. Johns Bluff and the home of Willie Browne, who then owned the land now included in the Theodore Roosevelt Preserve, which is the subject of today’s presentation.

These are the three main points that will be discussed during today's presentation:      
1)  Circumstances surrounding the creation of the Theodore Roosevelt Preserve in 1969.      
 2)  Selected stories about the life of William H. Browne, III, who owned the land in the Theodore Roosevelt Preserve for the previous sixty-four years. 
3)  Brief account of the sixteenth century French and Spanish occupation of the land now part of the Theodore Roosevelt Preserve.

 Blood Drive Coming Soon

 Our next blood drive is all set to be held on October 11, so be sure to sign up and get the time convenient for you.  Sign up sheets will be on the tables at lunch each week.

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Last Week At A Glance

PP Robert Harris led the pledge and prayer and Charles Hyatt gave the introductions and led the welcome song. Visiting Rotarians included Anne Renfroe from the Downtown club; Guests included Doug Johnson's son Mike; Martha Bogdan brought Shirley Westrak.

We also welcomed two new members, Chris Bouton with AmerisBank and Lauren Hopkins with Dreams Come True.  We are pleased to have these two new members.  Be sure to stop by and say hello at the door for the next few weeks.

News From Rotary International
Rotary International has prepared a video that is posted on the Rotary website featuring the role that the New York City Rotary Club played during the aftermath of 9-11.  Sandra Kessler, who is the Interim CEO of the American Lung Association of New York, was contacted by Rotary International for information on services provided by the American Lung Association while working closely with the New York City Rotary Club.  The video can be viewed on Rotary’s website at, an interesting recap of Rotary’s 9-11 involvement along with other community organizations.